Calm Goomba

Calm Goomba is the counterpart of Rage Goomba. He has Psychic Attacks which can make Mario Confused making him Attack himself.


  • Him and the Rage Goomba resemble the Red Goomba and the Blue Goomba from PM.
  • His name is Calm Goomba, but he hasn't a Calm Face.

PM InfoEdit

Calm Goomba
HP 7
Def. 2
Attacks *Psychcic Beam (-2 HP, 15% chances of confusion)
  • Calm Mind (+1 Atck, +1 Def.)
  • Psychoboost (-1 HP, 65% Chances of Confusion)
  • Psychic Call (calls a Rage Goomba or another Calm Goomba)
Other attributes

Items dropped and PossibiltiesEdit

  • Creamy Lollipop (30% Possibilities)
  • Tasty Tonic
  • Yoshi Cookie or Big Cookie (10% Chances)
  • Jelly Ultra (0.34% Chances)

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